Data analysis to improve procurement.

Obtaining insight from data to better communicate requirements between business functions.

A maintenance facility came to us to with a desire to better join up the supply chain elements, improving the flow of materials and eliminating disruption to Operations.

We quickly identified that defining a bill of materials would be highly beneficial.




12 weeks

Utilising historical data.

Sourcing data logged onto a system over the past 5 years to initially identify a list of the most frequently repaired high-level components, we went about structuring the data to capture the proportion of time a piece-part would be used on the repair.

Before compiling a final bill of materials, we engaged with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to gauge accuracy and identify any errors in our findings.

The output was then synchronised to the forecast repair schedule enabling procurement to proactively obtain the maintenance requirements.

Historical data can be mined from many places in your business, from commercial sales data to long forgotten ERP systems.

Improving relationships.

The supply chain has seen a quicker turnaround in maintenance items and therefore a greater throughput resulting in a higher availability of customer assets.

We also enabled the Procurement team to create more sourcing opportunities, improving working relationships between functions.

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