Inventory levels optimisation

Outsource your Inventory Levels Strategy.

Are you struggling to recall the last time you refreshed your inventory re-order levels?

In a busy supply chain environment, maintaining optimal ‘Min-Max’ order levels can often take a back seat to higher-priority, more immediate challenges.

However, as your business, suppliers, and customers grow and change over time, it’s a valuable activity to refresh your re-order levels on a regular (often annual) basis.

Warehouse Automation

Inventory Level Optimisation can help you achieve the perfect balance between stock availability and cost-effectiveness.

How it works

Using a combination of your latest operating data and simulation, we can refresh your inventory levels to better suit your business needs and unlock cash tied up in excess stock.

Our team of experts specialise in scenario testing to identify the most suitable inventory levels for your specific requirements. By outsourcing your inventory levels strategy to us, you can focus on your core business while we ensure that your re-order levels work year after year.

Here are the key steps we run through for every project:

1. Tailored workshops to determine scenarios and availability targets

We conduct in-depth workshops with your supply chain team to understand uncertainties surrounding your supply chain. We also identify scenarios required to determine availability targets based on the things that matter to you most, be that storage space constraints, cash flow considerations, or other critical factors.

2. Data-driven decision-making

The backbone of our approach is stochastic simulation modelling.

Using data extracts of your actual operating history, we create detailed histograms for each product to assess supply and demand uncertainties. Simulating stock levels against supply chain timeliness and quantity conformances plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate level of safety stock and allows us to generate inventory targets you can be confident in. 

3. Empowering you throughout the process

We believe in close collaboration with our clients. Throughout the entire process, we work hand-in-hand with you to correctly interpret your data. Your active involvement allows us to refine the outputs, address your concerns, and ensure your comfort with the results.

4. Simple, efficient, and software-free

Our Inventory Levels Optimisation Service is designed to be quick, painless, and hassle-free. There’s no need for complex software or IT integrations and no requirement to navigate any new interfaces.

After the initial workshop, you provide us with the required data sets, and we return the optimal re-order levels for your product. We’ll even work directly with your internal tech team or WMS to get the levels updated quickly and correctly.

5. Measurable and repeatable

Our initial ‘set-up’ process lays a strong foundation for your optimised inventory management. After that, we can provide you with ‘refreshed’ re-order levels at a frequency that works for you. Depending on your business this could be every six, twelve or twenty-four months, ensuring that your inventory remains well-tuned to your evolving needs.

Don’t let outdated inventory levels hold your business back. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward enhanced efficiency and cost savings.

Proven Track Record

We have successfully implemented our service for multiple manufacturers and retailers across the UK and Europe, earning their trust and satisfaction.

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