Supply Chain Health Check

Quickly & confidently benchmark your warehouse performance.

Are you looking for clarity that your supply chain is working for your business?

An independent evaluation of your current supply chain performance can help to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. 

Our supply chain experts can assess your current operations, providing strategic recommendations tailored to your unique business needs to help you stay ahead of today’s competitive market.

With our support, you can develop and implement a robust supply chain strategy that aligns with your business goals, enhances your competitive advantage, and drives sustainable growth.

Supply Chain Health Check

Our team of experienced consultants combines their expertise with advanced data analysis to provide actionable insights.

Make decisions you can be confident in

Inefficiencies within your supply chain can lead to unnecessary costs and wasted resources. In today’s digital age, data-driven insights and technological advancements are vital for staying competitive. Our health check activity includes a thorough analysis of your data and technology infrastructure, assessing the effectiveness of your current systems and identifying opportunities for improvement. We can help you unlock new efficiencies, improve decision-making processes, and stay at the forefront of industry trends. 

A supply chain health check can prove particularly useful for long-running businesses. It allows you to assess whether your supply chain has responded to any changes and whether it continues to perform optimally for your business, especially in the age of e-commerce, which applies to both B2C and B2B businesses. By gaining a holistic view of your operations, you can make informed strategic decisions. 

Data-informed recommendations 

Supply chains are complex systems with multiple interconnected processes. When conducting a health check, we spend at least a day on-site, engaging with the supply chain team, and confirming our understanding of the operations. We utilize product flow maps to review the efficiency of activities, assess staff safety, and identify any potentially unnecessary work. These maps also facilitate conversations involving the wider business about the supply chain. 

Here’s what you can expect from our supply chain health check: 

  • Identify and suggest opportunities for improvement, supported by data-backed reasoning. 
  • Involve the supply chain team throughout the process, harnessing their knowledge and facilitating productive discussions on the feasibility of recommendations.
  • Challenge existing practices and determine whether they still bring value to the business or are simply the result of “that’s the way it’s always been done.” 
  • Conduct quick and effective analysis of business data, such as customer order history, to shed light on specific questions. 
  • Hold an informal “handover” meeting to discuss our suggestions, their validity, and the viability of implementing enhancements. 
  • Provide a comprehensive review document containing our findings, including an evaluation of the overall operation and potential suggestions for improvement. 

Examples of suggestions we may offer include: 

  • Implementing solutions to reduce potentially unnecessary work, derived from recent business history analysis. 
  • Recommending relocations of activities within the site to improve product flow and/or reduce congestion of foot traffic and forklift movements. 

A warehouse that enhances the business 

An efficient supply chain plays a key role in the success of your business. By optimizing your supply chain, you can ensure consistent, timely, and accurate delivery of products to your customers. Improved customer satisfaction not only strengthens your brand reputation but also leads to increased customer loyalty and repeat business. 

Our health check assesses the resilience of your supply chain and identifies potential vulnerabilities. By implementing risk mitigation strategies and enhancing supply chain visibility, we can help you build a more robust and resilient operation. This will reduce the impact of disruptions and ensure business continuity. 

Our plan of action includes both “quick wins” and longer-term projects. It enables clear dialogue about the health of the warehouse with the supply chain team, across functions, and with management. Our goal is to provide clear direction in enhancing the warehouse to support your business into the future. 

At Trym Consulting, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours optimize their supply chain operations. Our Supply Chain Health Check is a comprehensive and tailored service that equips you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your warehouse solutions. Contact us today to schedule a Supply Chain Health Check and embark on a journey towards a more efficient and resilient supply chain. 

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