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Supply Chain Consulting

Leading supply chain strategy. Powered by data.

At Trym, our mission is to solve complex supply chain problems.

We combine the expertise and knowledge of supply chain consultants with the analytical and technical skills of data scientists to help your business make better informed decisions.

We aren’t a massive consultancy, and we quite like it that way. Our personal approach means we can guide you through an entire project, leaving you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep taking action.

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What we do

Business Intelligence

Cost Reduction

Not only does it effect your bottom line, but a supply chain that is not cost-efficient is often not operationally effective.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Growth strategies that create sustainable, long-term growth and capture a significant share of the market.



Rising numbers of conscious consumers are wanting to spend their money with companies doing good for the planet.

Our Clients

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How our consultants add value to your business.

We know that every business has its own unique set of challenges.

This is why we make it our priority to understand your business at a fundamental level, to better offer the bespoke advice and solutions you need.

Our analysts’ external perspective and ‘numbers’ background allows them to effectively carry out activities such as network design optimisation, refining operational planning, and drawing up delivery of supply chain strategies.

We can bring an impartial outsider’s perspective to your projects, coupled with an insider’s understanding of your core values and KPIs.

Having worked across a multitude of industries, our consultants can help you transfer supply chain successes into your own business. 

Data Analysis

Supply Chain Consulting

We work across functions to optimise business processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue – building resilient & agile supply chains.


Ensuring that the right products arrive at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity.


Reducing costs throughout an organisation’s value chain requires improvement of operational inefficiencies.


In order for a business to operate effectively, its warehouse needs to be well-run, smart, and efficient.


We are independent supply chain and warehouse consultants specialising in data analysis, leading strategy, and bringing a fresh perspective to your supply chain challenges.

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