Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Unlock the decision-making process.

Business Intelligence is the process of turning business data into business insight.

It can be used to help identify new opportunities or inform decision-making. It is also a critical tool in developing your competitor strategy.

The process aims to make the interpretation of large datasets easy – whether historical, current, or forecast – and present this as actionable information that anyone in your business can understand.

With the right business intelligence, you simultaneously gain a higher and deeper understanding of your business (and where to improve).

Business Intelligence

Position yourself as an industry leader with better business intelligence. 

High-level intelligence with operational results.

Business Intelligence analysis can be an invaluable tool,  supporting a wide range of business decisions from operational and tactical activities, through to strategic high-level board meetings.

Not only is Business Intelligence highly beneficial in improving internal collaboration, but also in communication with external stakeholders. When information is organised and reported in the right way, trends, both positive and negative, are much easier to see.

It’s not just about dashboards and reporting (although that is part of it). It’s about turning ‘useless’ raw data into information that can be acted upon, both strategically and day-to-day.

Where we can help:

  • You have lots of data but no actionable insights.
  • You are spending too much time creating reports.
  • Creating a better overall view of your business.
  • Driving better decision making across your business using data.

Garbage in, garbage out.

People with bad information make bad decisions. Good business intelligence processes assume (quite rightly) that staff, managers and business leaders will make better decisions only if they have access to good quality information.

There’s no doubt that every business has mountains of collected data that is potentially being underutilised. Part of the challenge of business intelligence is wading through this mountain and choosing only the right data sets to analyse and report on. In the same way that too little information can be damaging, so too can too much extraneous and unrelated data have negative impacts on key decision making.

Working with your existing tech or BI solutions, we help to cut through the noise and extract the most pertinent supply chain insights from the data at the heart of your business.

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