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  • Help you strengthen the connection between your core activities and business strategy.
  • Enable growth and capture new opportunities.
  • Support businesses of all types and industries with bespoke data-driven solutions.

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Operations Consulting

Creating a strategy to combat operational challenges.

Operations management is a difficult task. Not only do operations managers need to balance the cost-to-serve customers, but ensure that the experience of the service is as good as, if not exceeds, customer expectations.

Reducing costs throughout an organisation’s value chain requires improvement of operational inefficiencies. Before this can be done, all activities must be understood and quantified.

Improve and innovate.

Data is useful not only for monitoring the performance of day-to-day activities and business reporting, but also to identify where processes can be improved, critical to competing in your market.

We help you embed tools within your operations to allow for continuous innovation, driving down the cost-to-serve and driving up profitability.

Incremental improvements to your operations can have huge impacts on profitability and customer satisfaction. We use a combination of Lean Six Sigma and Operational Research methodology to improve productivity, reduce cost and waste and increase throughput and yield. Elevating your position in the market.

Furthermore, producing visual data comparisons of current working against improved working can be a great enabler of driving a culture of change, empowering employees to identify opportunities and lead further improvements.

We take a people, process, technology approach to your operations problems.

Customer experience is king.

As well as this, boosting the ‘Customer Experience’ must also be top of the operations management list of priorities. Each customer will expect a varying delivery speed, choice, and convenience that should be understood and fulfilled. Expectations are always shifting, and may include same day/next day home delivery or collection, locally sourced, On Time In Full (OTIF) of 99% etc.

Along with challenges driven by rapid development of digital technologies, international competition, and constantly shifting trends, changes must be made faster, safer, and in a more automated fashion. Operational management requires live visibility of these key business drivers in order to effectively develop and implement target service delivery models.

How your strategy could benefit from having an operational consultant involved.

A supply chain consultant can help you use data to really understand the ins and outs of the two key statistics specific to your business:

  • Cost-to-serve, and
  • Customer expectation

They will help quantify the elements within your value chain, analyse for inefficiencies, and support delivery of business transformations inclusive of warehousing and logistics.

Trym consulting work with you to understand your organization, your customer, and your strategy.

Our recommendations come powered by a combination of data analysis and industry expertise obtained from a wide range of organisations. We don’t solely provide an ‘optimal’ solution based on the data but carry out scenario modelling to unlock the full potential of operations in a real-world application.

We have years of expertise applying mathematical analysis to business operations, delivering tangible, measurable results. Check out some of our previous achievements.


Growth Forecasting for a National Pharmacy

Optimising E-commerce Returns for a Global Fashion Retailer

Strategic, tactical, operational decision making in business.

Understanding the core activities in your supply chain is critical in strengthening the connection between operations and strategy. That’s why we follow a people, process, technology approach to operational problems.

By quantifying internal capabilities, we can evaluate which elements of your supply chain are most critical, highlight constrained and unconstrained activities, and identify opportunities to unlock resource. This means freeing up cash for you business to grow and invest elsewhere.

We model process flow and activities to reduce inefficiencies in your supply chain. Using tested methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, we systematically remove waste from processes. It’s our aim to help your company create growth, innovate, and identify and unlock new market opportunities. Reallocation of resources can often free up capital for investment, giving you a competitive advantage.

Building Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chains have been front and centre in overcoming some large hurdles the last couple of years, we have had Brexit, the Coronavirus pandemic and most recently a blockage of the Suez Canal.

Before there was a focus on supply chains to be ‘lean’, running stock as low as possible and/or whittling out activities in order to minimise cost-to-serve, however now a new focus has gained popularity: Supply Chain Resilience.

The definition of resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulty, the aim of supply chain resilience is therefore to minimise the risk of supply chain failures affecting normal business operations.

Some examples of activities to build greater supply chain resilience include:

  • Improving the accuracy of sales forecasting and increasing safety stock
  • Identifying suppliers geographically closer
  • Diversifying and outsourcing responsibilities to third parties

Having visibility of supply chain data can be crucial in responding quickly and effectively to disruptions. Data dashboards can enable decision-making based on upcoming sales and even allow for the planning and creation of frameworks to automate responses to crises.

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