Understanding growth forecast implications.

Translating the impact of business projections on complex operations into actionable insights.

Sector: Healthcare & Pharmacy

Services: Growth Strategy | Decision Analytics

Timescale: 12 weeks

The Brief

Our client was a large pharmaceutical chain with a distribution network across the UK. 

Forecasting five years of exponential growth, they came to us to understand how their supply chain operations would be affected. With ambitions to be proactive, they asked us to analyse and provide options on how the life of the current central distribution facility could be extended. Producing a timeline of key decision points to help them traverse their rapid growth.

The Solution

We provided a full Data Journey; understanding the client’s brief, sourcing and structuring relevant data, and analysing for actionable business insights.

The first step in our mission was to help the client understand the current state of their business, using process mapping to highlight interactions between functions, identify non-scalable capacity constraints, and balance throughput. 

To predict the number of heads and space required to meet the year-on-year growth, we analytically modelled each process area of the business. These steps combined revealed valuable opportunities to increase capacity.

Finally, we visually structured our data insights, drawing conclusions and producing a timeline for business decisions, along with recommendations. This final output was presented to the business leaders, enabling their decision-making process.

The Result

By translating the business’ complex operations to actionable insights, our work was pivotal in enabling critical future growth decisions.

We provided the client with bespoke operational and financial analytical tools, giving them ongoing insights into the management of capacity constraints, with full training and tool handover provided.

Our data visualisation allowed different business areas to communicate effectively, enabling collaboration across departments.

By utilising a data-led approach, our client can continue to provide uninterrupted, quality service to their customers as they grow.

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