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At Trym, our mission is to solve complex supply chain problems.

We combine the expertise and knowledge of supply chain consultants with the analytical and technical skills of data scientists to help your business make better-informed decisions.

We aren’t a massive consultancy, and we quite like it that way. Our personal approach means we can guide you through an entire project, leaving you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep taking action.

What we do

Cost to Serve Analysis

Calculate what it actually costs to serve customers, unlocking valuable insights and opportunities for improvement.

Capacity Modelling

Capacity Modelling

Use historical data to prototype and simulate different supply chain scenarios, improving performance and maximising capacity.

Growth Strategy

Growth without the growing pains. Scaling every element of your supply chain to meet growing customer demand.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

The next best thing to a crystal ball? Demand planning. Analysing historic customer sales to forecast future demand.

Statistical Analysis

In the face of uncertainty, statistics is vital to identifying the factors that most contribute to successful outcomes.


Supply Chain Sustainability

Rising numbers of conscious consumers are wanting to spend their money with companies doing good for the planet.

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Can supply chain data & analysis help with your strategic business question?

I have warehouse automation that I don’t think is being used in the best way, how can I check?

Warehouse capacity modelling can help with this. A capacity model is a digital representation of your supply chain and is an inexpensive way of testing the impact of change.

It typically consists of 3 streams of analysis:

    1. Mapping end-to-end supply chain processes and product flows.
    2. Comparing automation capacities with forecast demand.
    3. Identifying bottlenecks or ways to improve the flow of goods to maximise warehouse automation.

You may also want to use the capacity model to run “what-if” scenarios, for example: what products would be best held outside of my ASRS to generate more capacity at least cost?

You need Warehouse Capacity Modelling

How can I best prioritise cost-saving / improvement projects across my supply chain?

Calculating a cost-to-serve from supply data and activity rates helps align finance and supply chain functions and allows you to better prioritise improvement projects.

You need Cost-to-serve Analysis

How can I better plan for our peak sales periods?

Warehouse capacity models can be used for testing different scenarios, it’s a digital representation of your supply chain which allows you to proactively plan and mitigate risks.

It’s a great way of stress-testing and running scenarios, for example, what would happen if the forecast growth of winter apparel is 10% higher than expected?

You need Data-driven Peak Planning

We are looking to / have recently acquired another business, how do we best integrate the supply chains?

Acquisitions can be a great catalyst to streamline processes and reduce overall costs.

Fully understanding both supply chain processes and product flows will be critical, a process mapping exercise can bring this to life.

We can help you build a flexible data model inclusive of processing rates, costs, and throughput capacities against each activity to compare integration options. Through modelling different scenarios it’s possible to gain a much deeper understanding of how existing supply chain infrastructure can integrate and support each other.

You need Acquisition Growth Strategy

How can I reduce the amount of inventory I’m holding whilst maintaining service levels?

Depending on your product offering you may find insightful patterns in sales data that can improve demand forecasting and be a very valuable source of information in calculating how much inventory to hold.

We also offer inventory simulation to determine inventory levels calculated against demand uncertainties, supply inaccuracies, and business targeted service levels.

You Need Demand Planning & Inventory Modelling

Quickly & confidently benchmark your warehouse performance.

Are you looking for clarity that your supply chain is working for your business? Try our Supply Chain health check.

An independent evaluation of your current supply chain performance can help to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. 

Our supply chain experts can assess your current operations, providing strategic recommendations tailored to your unique business needs to help you stay ahead of today’s competitive market.

With our support, you can develop and implement a robust supply chain strategy that aligns with your business goals, enhances your competitive advantage, and drives sustainable growth.

Supply Chain Health Check

Our Expertise

Supply Chain Consulting

We work across functions to optimise business processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Warehouse Consulting

In order for a business to operate effectively, its warehouse needs to be well-run, smart, and efficient.

Logistics Consulting

Ensuring that the right products arrive at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity.

Data Analysis

How our consultants add value to your business.

We know that every business has its own unique set of challenges.

This is why we make it our priority to understand your business at a fundamental level, to better offer the bespoke advice and solutions you need.

Our analysts’ external perspective and ‘numbers’ background allows them to effectively carry out activities such as network design optimisation, refining operational planning, and drawing up delivery of supply chain strategies.

We can bring an impartial outsider’s perspective to your projects, coupled with an insider’s understanding of your core values and KPIs.

Having worked across a multitude of industries, our consultants can help you transfer supply chain successes into your own business. 


We are independent supply chain and warehouse consultants who specialise in data analysis, leading strategy, and bringing a fresh perspective to your supply chain challenges.

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