Warehouse Automation

Independent & impartial warehouse automation consultants.

Warehouse automation continues to transform the logistics and supply chain industry.

Processes that once required large amounts of people can now be completely automated by technology, creating more efficient and accurate warehouses, not to mention happier end customers.

We are warehouse automation experts. Working with our clients and warehouse stakeholders, we help to identify where automation can have the biggest positive impact on your supply chain (as well as where it should be left alone).

Warehouse Automation

We are tech agnostic. This means we only recommend something if it makes sense for your business, both commercially and culturally.

Driven by data.

We are data-driven consultants. This means we use your data to back-up our recommendations.  From automated pallet movements to more complicated packing and stacking systems, we tie supply chain processes to both data and our client’s commercial goals.

One of the most important elements of warehouse automation is commercial feasibility and return on investment. As warehouse automation specialists we use data to assess your current supply chain, its growth trajectory, and the technology that can most comfortably fit to your current and future operations.

Technology is great, but sometimes a simple solution is best. When these forks in the road arise, we have the data to back up our decisions.

From concept to operation, we can support the tendering and project management of a new system, as well as providing ongoing analytical support for as long as is required. All while making sure that your existing operations continue to function, and your commitments are fulfilled with little to no downtime.

Where we can help:

  • Project experience across multiple industries.
  • We are commercially aware consultants.
  • We are vendor neutral; we choose the solutions that best solve a problem.
  • Our Data journey process ensures all decisions are backed up by real-world data.
  • Specialise in inclusive stakeholder engagement and Project management.

A Competitive Edge.

Warehouse automation is often at the cutting-edge of supply chain strategy, a tactic that can be employed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and help to compete for a larger market share.

As labour costs continue to rise, warehouse automation can act as a catalyst to free up warehouse staff for higher value jobs or up-skilling.

Automation can be applied across the supply chain mix, including put-away, retrieval, picking and sorting, as well as pallet management and transport loading. Using data modelling, we help clients to see what stages of their supply chain could best benefit from robotics and automation, and how these products could be rolled out and scaled as business grows.

With both online buying and customer demand at an all-time high, it’s not hard to see why companies might be looking to advanced automation for the first time in their business lives.

Automation is becoming more economically accessible. However, we still need to consider the full range of alternative technologies available. We can help you scope this out and make the right decision.

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