Streamlining the supply chain.

Rectifying waste activities early on in a start-up.

A start-up within the medical technology industry were repeatedly missing the cut-off on returns process, resulting in being issued fines by a governing body.

They came to us for supply chain consultancy, to redesign the end-to-end supply chain, minimising the number of “touch-points” involved in their delivery and returns processes.


Healthcare & Pharmacy


20 weeks

Customer first.

Being a medical device start-up, we worked first-hand with their customers to understand their experience of the product.

We collected data on each element of the supply chain, timing any activities where no data had been captured before. Visualising the entire process, we were able to identify redundant activities and highlight key opportunities to improve on time, cost, or quality.

The most obvious source for improvement being returns which required five different internal departments to physically intercept the item and more to systematically log details in order to complete its return process.

In collaboration with stakeholders’ ideas, multiple business cases were produced proposing quantifiable options aligned with business objectives, for senior management to make informed decisions on the future supply chain structure.

Our mission is to bring data analysis, leading strategy, and a fresh perspective to your supply chain.

Empowering decisions.

The senior management were enabled to make an informed decision easier in light of the data collected and analysed.

Their new ways of working showed an overall improvement in customer experience, the streamlined process saved employee time and cut costs of which could be reassigned to further help retain their customer base.

A growth strategy plans create sustainable, long-term growth and capture a significant share of the market.

This service will be valuable to you if:

You are anticipating rapid growth in the next 5 years.

You are about to launch a new product of service.

Your warehouse is at maximum capacity.

You are struggling to meet current demand.

Demand forecasting is a critical business requirement to support a range of business functions.

This service will be valuable to you if:

You want to free up cash held in excess stock.

You want to improve product availability.

Your business has a seasonal demand.

Your procurement team wants to stop ‘fire fighting’.

Decision analytics uses historic, current, and predictive data to give businesses confidence in their decisions.

This service will be valuable to you if:

You want to use data for decision making.

You want to better understand how to define success.

You are interested in analysing new KPI’s.

You want fresh insights into difficult challenges.

We are independent supply chain and warehouse consultants who specialise in data analysis, leading strategy, and bringing a fresh perspective to your supply chain challenges.

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