Insufficient manufacturing capacity.

Using our in-house inventory simulation tool, we simulated future business requirements to produce a list of recommended inventory levels.

Our outputs helped our client to not only plan what stock to pre-build, but also understand where to focus improvement efforts and invest in additional capacity for the future.




Demand Planning | Growth Strategy


12 weeks

Inventory for the future.

Without sufficient capacity to manufacture what is needed in peak sales periods, the key question is knowing what stock to pre-build to give the best chance of success.

Our stochastic model samples from supply and demand uncertainty distributions of the past, allowing the business to prepare for ‘real’ scenarios of the future, not just averages.

Prepare for ‘real’ scenarios of the future, not just averages.

Additional savings.

Our client also saved costs by cutting the amount of line change-overs and the amount spent on transporting goods to customers by reducing the volume of demand fulfilled by less-optimally located manufacturing plants due to stock shortages.

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