Contract performance analysis.

Understanding how well you actually delivered to the customer.

Our defence contractor client wanted to understand how they had significantly underspent on a sub-part of a contract.

The customer’s client was demanding a full refund, and not wanting to jeopardise a relationship spanning multiple decades our client had decided to pay the 6-figure sum. However, they wanted to improve their forecasting methods for future bids to avoid a similar problem in the future.


Defence (Engineering)


8 weeks

Uncovering the truth.

After sourcing the data, we modelled the spend and consumption quantities both for the bid forecast, and for what had happened, producing a comparison visualisation of the actual against forecast.

This output showed that only 0.4% of parts, of extremely high cost and low consumption, differed from what had been forecasted. Furthermore, similar results could be identified in other sub-parts of the contract working in the favour of our client’s customer.

All data visualisations were presented to our client and handed over for their use in communicating with their customer.

We can help you visualise your data to better empower your decision makers.

Solidifying relationships.

The data outputs were key to enabling a productive conversation between our client and their customer, resulting not only in saving the monetary reimbursement but also maintaining the valuable relationship.

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