Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting that adds lasting value to your business.

 Our Supply Chain Consultants: 

  • Work across industry, combining unique solutions with the latest strategy. 
  • Are results focused, with a data-first approach to long-term solutions.
  • Can impact across the entire supply chain, helping to break down silo mentality.

To improve output, reduce waste, and discover alternative routes to market… 

The changing supply chain.

The evolution of the supply chain continues at a rapid pace.

Growing globalisation has improved the cost of transport and the ease of communication between countries. Meanwhile, digital disruption and emerging technologies have redefined many industries and shifted the status quo. 

Yet, far from creating stability, these advances have only served to empowered customer expectations to become even more complex and demanding.  

Perhaps more than ever, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to adapt and invest in their supply chain processes. Not only to meet the requirements of their customers, but to stay competitive in tighter markets. 

This is where our supply chain consulting can add an immense amount of value to your overall business strategy.

The modern supply chain impacts many different types of industry.
The modern supply chain impacts many different types of industry.

The value of a supply chain expert.

A great consultant can have a tenfold impact on your business’ bottom line.  

We work across functions to optimise business processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue. By helping to build resilience and adapt your business to become even more agile.

As agile consultants, we can work independently, alongside senior decision makers, or as an integrated part of an in-house logistics team. 

Bringing a wealth of diverse experience, from eCommerce to healthcare, start-ups to FTSE-100s, our supply chain expertise combines the latest strategic insights from across industry, with the step-change power of data analysis and modelling to produce big results. 

We call this process: analysis and action. 

We work across functions to optimise business processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

How we work.

From raw material to product delivery, robust systems and processes across the supply chain are critical to successfully meet customer requirements, whilst keeping operating costs down. 

The margin of error deemed acceptable with supply chains has progressively got tighter and tighter. This has given supply chain managers no choice but to embrace technologies and outside expertise in improving their supply chain planning, management, and strategy. 

We build powerful tools that are easy to use, ensuring that our recommendations can be successfully implemented and fit your wider business strategy. 

Our consultants employ a range of techniques across a spectrum of service levels; from waste identification to analytical modelling and simulation. Operations, warehouse, and/or logistics are sub-components of the supply chain, and these sub-processes are also encompassed in a supply chain consultant’s work. 

A digital approach to the future.

Exploring data is a great way to identify those critical opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. 

For planning, predictive analytics is used to better understand our new consumer reality – finding patterns within old customer orders to forecast future requirements. 

By presenting a high-level overview of your entire supply chain, a consultant can help you to identify the priority areas of optimisation. 

This opens up supply chains to further digital opportunities, such as Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), robotics, AI and automation. Staying one step ahead of the competition in offering low prices and high customer service. 

We leave you with the vital expertise required to continue improving when we are gone.

A complete supply chain solution.

The supply chain of an organisation encompasses the flow of products, information, and money.  

Alignment of all core operational and functional teams are key to achieving ‘right time, right quantity, right quality, and right cost’.  

A key role our consultants undertake is to analyse the end-to-end processes, bringing insight across the business and rectifying any misalignment.  

Operational and functional teams across the supply chain include: 

  • Demand Planning
  • Procurement
  • Production Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Development
  • Operational Delivery
  • Logistics
  • Returns 
Supply chain activities flow diagram

We can help to bring these (sometimes disparate) operations together, achieving a holistic supply chain that works as a single unit, and is driven by data. 

The importance of a supply chain strategy.

For your business to compete, you must leverage your core competencies. Strategies should be made for all elements of the supply chain and their extended capabilities, along with an implementation, execution, and performance monitoring plan. 

A strategy enables supply chains to adapt appropriately in this era of technological advancement, ensuring transformations remain aligned to the wider business goals.  

Performance measures and metrics that should be regularly monitored will fall out of the analysis of the critical business question. 

At Trym, our consultants are trained to help you understand, identify improvements, and strategize for growth. Our mission is to offer you a bespoke service that will save you time, money, and hassle. 

Strategy chain

Working with our Supply Chain Consultants. 

As a consulting firm, we empower our consultants to encompass all the best bits of a data analyst, but with a laser focus on solving your supply chain problems. This is why we call ourselves Supply Chain Analysts

Having worked across a multitude of industries, we will help you transfer supply chain successes into your own business. 

With the aim of achieving improvement in operational performance, popular consulting services include: 

  • Improving supply chain performance,  
  • Developing business growth strategy, and/or  
  • Assisting with demand management

A holistic approach.

A consultant’s skills and experience allow them to quickly map the high-level workings of the entire product life cycle. They can identify and visually communicate interactions between delivery channels, core processes, and support functions. 

Any process inefficiencies can then be easily identified, and improved, future scenarios can be modelled for, and investment analyses can be carried out to aid business decision-making.  

Led by decision science.

Our analyst’s external perspective and ‘numbers’ background allows them to effectively carry out activities such as network design optimisation, refining operational planning, and drawing up delivery of the supply chain strategy.

Other techniques commonly used to identify improvement opportunities include Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile, combined with the latest Project Management theory. 

A network of value.

We pride ourselves on our industry network of partners. This means we can advise on both software and third-party logistics (3PL).

We are also happy to provide third party recommendations for advice in risk management, sustainability, and financial/tax efficiencies.

In good company.

We are proud to have offered our supply chain services across a number of different sectors.

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Supply chain consulting in action.

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