Data Capture

Struggling to reconcile or even find the right data?

Data capture is the first step of the data journey.

This is because it is near impossible to do the best job without accurate information.

Having the right information is critical to maintaining operations and forming credible answers to business questions.

Data is pertinent to every aspect of businesses from marketing services and bidding for work to scheduling resources and ensuring customer orders are delivered.

Data Capture

Data isn’t solely numerical. It can be qualitative, visual or geolocational. 

When collecting data it’s useful to think about data that could be obtained from external sources, not just internal.

Data can be retrieved through a variety of sources. Systems today will likely log data automatically, such as with transactional software and operational machinery, but further valuable data can also be collected with methods such as sensors in the environment, interviews, or information online.

Ready for the next step of the journey? Move on to Data Structuring.

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