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Lifelong learning and Data Science.

Learning Data Science

Finding the time in the ‘muck and bullets’ I have been thinking about the soft skills that make a successful career in ‘Data Science’ (which is where I think I have ended up in my career).  Yes, communications skills are important, teamworking skills are vital, and there is a whole series of documents to be written about the importance of …

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What is a Supply Chain Analyst?

What is a supply chain analyst?

In simple terms, a Supply Chain Analyst is a hybrid of a Supply Chain Consultant and a Data Analyst. A Supply Chain Analyst combines expertise in identifying both supply chain inefficiencies and opportunities (much like a Supply Chain Consultant). What differentiates a Supply Chain Analyst is that data analysis-led recommendations make up a key part of their output. Along with …

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Cost to Serve – a fresh approach.

Analysing a company’s cost to serve has been a recurrent theme throughout my career spanning multiple sectors – and with good reason. Performing a Cost to Serve analysis makes sense of what it actually costs to serve customers varying in both order size and geographic location, bringing valuable insights and opportunities for improvement. However, frequently the outputs are not then …

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4 ways to reduce backorder levels and lost sales.

If you find yourself with a never-ending queue of backorders causing lost sales and/or failure to meet customer demand on time, then you may find this list of actions helpful. Simply buying more stock is not the correct response. Without understanding why you don’t have the right stock available at the right time to meet customer demand, you run the …

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